Permutation Patterns 2023

The National Science Foundation (grant DMS-2246773) has provided funding to offset a portion of travel, lodging, and registration costs for US participants. Priority will be given to students and early career faculty (including postdocs), but all US-based participants are encouraged to apply.

Please apply by filling out this form. In addition, students (undergraduate and graduate) should have their advisor send a short email of support to, all by May 10, 2023. Any questions should be directed to the same email. Funding decisions and amounts should be communicated by May 17, 2023. (Note the early registration deadline has been extended to May 22, 2023.)

Itemized receipts including payment details will be required for reimbursement. Due to the Fly America Act, air travel must be on a flight number of a US airline to be reimbursed.